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Buy game fowls online or fighting roosters are a group of different breeds dedicated to fighting among themselves, which are characterized by having an extremely aggressive behavior in both females and males. This temperament manifests itself from an early age, so it is necessary to separate the males from each other to avoid a fight.

Today we will address the different breeds of fighting roosters and buy game fowls online, also called fighting cocks in the USA, Mexico ,Philippines and many other countries around the world, (buy game fowls online) gamefowls, or gamecocks. These are some of the best gamefowl bloodlines in the country today. In countries where cockfight is legal (need to secure a permit from the government) like the Philippines, USA and Mexico, the type of fighting cocks bloodline is very important.

Breeds of Gamefowls( buy game fowls online)

In a fighting cock game, he will always have to fight with another roosters. So, by nature of the game itself, he must have specific characteristics that make him a winner. Long-bodied breeds are more agile, while the short-bodied ones are more powerful.

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Best Breeds of Fighting Roosters

The common question asked by many sabungeros (people engaged in cockfighting) is what are the best breeds of fighting roosters? This is a question, although it seems very simple, it is very complicated to answer. Since it will depend on many external factors such as food, environment, vitamins for fighting roosters, training, or preparation, which does not only imply their genetics or lineage. From the point of view of experts, there is no perfect breed of gamefowls. But if there is a large number of roosters from a very good family, which with dedication and work can become an excellent fighting cock.

It should be mentioned that within each line or family of roosters there may be a large number of varieties or subfamilies. Since the breeder can make the cross with another breed to improve some characteristics of the bird.

So if you plan to buy a specific breed of fighting cock, we recommend that you first know all the qualities and characteristics of the most suitable fighting cock breeds. Choose the breed that best suits your needs, but remember: you must provide the care and nutrition necessary to develop its potential to its fullest.

buy game fowls online

About Us

We are a 3rd generation family-owned and operated hatchery offering over 5 varieties of Fighting Game Fowls shipped directly from our farm here in the US. We do have Healthy Crosses of Hens and Chicks also available for sale as(hens) seen on our website and the Chicks are only sold or ordered on demand.

Fighting Game Fowls ( buy game fowls online) is a Farm of selectively crossed and raise Hens, Stags and Cocks. We produce our own eggs which are hatched from our hatchery. We have more than 100 years of focused genetic selection to produce Disease-resistant, Strength and Fighting Stamina Fighting Fowls with unique fighting styles of each particular cross. Our farm breeds specifically geared toward the fighting arena, but many of our fowls can be raised as pets or simply to observe their beautiful feathers and distinctive personalities.

Refund policy

We place the needs of our clients first and offer a money back guarantee so that you can count on our reliability. If the birds you purchased are substandard, we will refund you the full amount within 7 working days after making your order. You can contact us if you have any problem with a breed you got from us and we will find a suitable solution for you.


How do you take care of game fowl?

Keep the Coop Clean. The big problem with the rainy season is the presence of moisture, Check in on the Chicks. Cool and windy is bad news for the young ones in the flock as chicks can’t create body heat, Set and Follow a Regular Deworming Schedule.

They begin laying when 16-18 weeks old, lay a large egg in comparison to their body size, and lay around 300 eggs each year. Broodiness, or the instinct to incubate eggs, has been bred out of them. Therefore, they don’t “waste time” trying to hatch eggs. In the U.S., Most of the eggs sold have white shells.
This can occur as young as 4 months of age or as late as 18 months of age depending on the particular breed. Males in a flock that have been free ranging on the yard together peacefully will suddenly begin to challenge other males in the flock and fighting begins. Males must be separated to prevent injury or death.(buy game fowls online)
Because they are so closely related to junglefowl, the gamefowl hens typically lay only one or two dozen eggs a year (as opposed to the 300+ eggs laying hens are bred to produce). As a result, they do not typically suffer from the same egg-laying ailments that plague industry- and backyard-laying hens.

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